emPower lunch series (formerly leadership luncheon)

The emPower lunches dish up thought-provoking discussions of current issues facing women of all backgrounds. Guest speakers share their passion for interrupting discrimination in all of its forms, leaving you with food for thought and inspiration to become an ally in creating social change.

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networking and lunch
11:30 am - 12:00 pm

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

$30 individual | $300 1 table | $900 3 tables (1 each lunch)

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10.19.17   A Woman's Place is in the House... and the Senate, and the City Council!  register.jpg
Research shows that women make government more transparent, inclusive, and accessible. Women bring different priorities and experiences to public life, including perspectives that have been largely absent in public policymaking. So why aren't more women running for office?Join Councilwoman Jaiza Page as she shares her personal journey running and holding an office as an elected official in our city, as well as insight into why and how we can encourage more women to step into public life!
empower speakers featured speaker:

Jaiza Page
City of Columbus

11.16.17   Leaving on a Jet Plane  register.jpg
Her bags are packed and she’s ready to go, but retiring President and CEO of the Columbus regional Airport Authority, Elaine Roberts has left the community stronger than when she moved here. A life-long proponent of LGTB issues and women’s leadership, Elaine will discuss the impact her pioneering role in aviation has had for women and other minority communities. Join us as we celebrate an outstanding career and community leader.
empower speakers featured speaker:

Elaine Roberts
President and CEO
Columbus Regional Airport Authority


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