emPower series (formerly leadership luncheon)

The emPower events dish up thought-provoking discussions of current issues facing women of all backgrounds. Guest speakers share their passion for interrupting discrimination in all of its forms, leaving you with food for thought and inspiration to become an ally in creating social change.

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networking and meal
11:30 am - 12:00 pm

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

$15 Young professional | $30 Individual | $240 Individual season pass
$300 One table | $2,500 One table season pass

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A conversation with Sue Zazon, Francie Henry and Melissa Ingwersen moderated by Yvette McGee Brown

Join YWCA Columbus for a conversation with the women presidents of central Ohio’s largest banks: Sue Zazon of Huntington, Francie Henry of Fifth Third and Melissa Ingwersen of Key Bank. Women make up just 26.2 percent of the workforce in the financial industry and those numbers drop even lower when accounting for high level leadership roles. Over lunch, these three powerful leaders will share insights into their own career journeys and the lessons they have learned along the way! At the same time, we will explore how these powerful women use their role to encourage equity and empower individuals and communities.

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