Advocacy is something we do—and you can do—every day. It’s how we put our beliefs into action. Sometimes it’s doing something formal—like writing your elected officials about specific issues in government that concern you and the women around you. But it can also be small things like registering to vote or helping out a neighbor in need.

know the issues

The national YWCA focuses on seven key advocacy issues—from affirmative action to early childhood education—that reflect our shared mission and vision.
Learn more about these issues and what you can do about them.

know who to contact

Find and write to your national and local elected officials by searching your zip code.

know what to do

  1. Keep an eye on the media. Be aware of how race, gender roles, and stereotypes shape TV shows, video games, books, cartoons, music videos, and more.
  2. Register to vote so you can have a say in issues and elections that affect you and the women in your community.
  3. In social, family, and professional settings, make an effort to include everyone. Give every person in the room—regardless of race or gender—a chance to share their thoughts.
  4. Give just an hour of your time and volunteer for a program that supports people in need.
  5. Make sure you’re buying products and supporting organizations that stress inclusion and convey positive messages about women.