Everything We Do Right Now Counts

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Many of us are turning to technology to connect with the people we care about—and I’m no different! This short video explains what YWCA is doing
in this crisis and how working together will make a critical difference as we move forward.

Everything We Do Right Now Counts

Dear friends,

Thank you for standing with YWCA Columbus. In recent weeks, we’ve seen an outpouring of support from you, our community, which has enabled YWCA Columbus to respond quickly and courageously to the challenges COVID-19 poses. We are so grateful for your generosity and strength.

As this health crisis continues, and health officials, politicians, and journalists weigh in about it, I’m hearing a larger truth emerge: Every community-minded action we take—and the earlier we take it—helps.

Small things you can do:

  • Pick out some of the material items we urgently need from our amazon wishlist and have them sent directly to us.
  • Shop through amazonsmile and designate YWCA Columbus as your charity of choice. We receive 0.5% of your purchase price, which can really add up!
  • If you’re a Kroger Plus Card shopper, make YWCA Columbus your rewards beneficiary.

Big things you can do:

  • Sponsor a meal for the 49 families at our Family Center. Without school lunches, families need our meals more than ever. And since we’ve cancelled volunteer programs that normally supply meals, we need your support to keep these services going.
  • Make a donation that will see us through the current crisis and beyond. Consider spreading your gift out as a monthly contribution—it’s easier on your budget and helps us plan ours.

Everything you do right now counts. Each little thing makes inroads and every big thing makes a leap forward. And when we each do what we can, we all keep our community safe and healthy, for today and tomorrow.

Thank you,

Christie Angel
President and CEO
YWCA Columbus