Justice for Casey Goodson – Our Statement

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Justice for Casey Goodson – Our Statement

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Justice for Casey Goodson – Statement from YWCA Columbus:

We at YWCA Columbus were heartbroken to learn of the killing of another young Black man at the hands of police, and right here in our own community, on Friday December 4, 2020. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Goodson family, and all who knew and loved Casey Goodson.

YWCA Columbus is committed to a community of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. We affirm the family’s list of demands as the investigation into Casey Goodson’s death continues. We call for greater transparency and accountability and implore the Franklin County Sherriff department to engage in police reform efforts in our community, and that they initiate a body camera program immediately. We urge the community to stay engaged in the quest for justice and the elimination of systemic racism. Justice for Casey Goodson—and the thousands who have lost their lives through similar circumstances—involves more than interrogating individual wrongdoing; we must also focus on transforming institutions that perpetuate oppression and violence towards communities of color, including policing.

YWCA Columbus will continue to engage in this critical work, as we mourn the tragic loss of one of our neighbors. We stand with those in the fight for reform, for recognition of lives lost, and for a future free of the fear of police brutality.