Promoting financial justice for all

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Promoting financial justice for all

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Promoting financial justice for all

The pandemic worsened already unacceptable gaps in income and wealth. We must remove barriers to pay equity and wealth accumulation, so that women and people of color earn not only a living wage, but an income that gives them financial security now and for future generations.

How your contribution helps: Your donations fund programs that provide free education and empowerment training designed to prepare women of color to advance their educations, careers, and finances.

  • 26 young women at the beginning of their careers are now better prepared to speak up and act out to achieve justice for themselves and others through our Leadership for Social Change program. The application to join the next Leadership for Social Change class will open October 11.
  • Our Bright Futures Leadership Program recently provided confidence building and empowerment training to 17 middle school-aged girls in some of the most under- resourced Columbus neighborhoods. And we’re beginning a new Bright Futures partnership at the Reeb Avenue Center so we can help more girls learn how to demand equity for themselves. This program launches on September 8. To find out more or register, please contact Belen de Leon at .
  • YWCA Columbus has shared wealth accumulation and financial literacy workshops with alumni of our various programs, helping them increase their knowledge of how to build wealth and gain control of their financial futures.

With funding from you, our ongoing plans to create financial justice for all include:

  • Internal evaluations, plans, and reports for equitable staff salaries, benefits, and PTO; a more diverse leadership pipeline, Board diversity, and vendor roster
  • Development of a “how-to” guide for internal equity reform
  • Fighting to increase the minimum wage to a living wage, ensuring that women of color—especially mothers—have the support that they need to invest in themselves, their children, and their communities.
  • Monitoring and fighting employment discrimination state laws, including those that impact LGBTQ+ people, Black and Indigenous women, Asian Americans, children of color, and those impacted by multiple marginalized identities.