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YWCA Racial Justice Challenge

In April 2023, YWCA Columbus joined forces with YWCA USA for the 2023 Racial Justice Challenge to dedicate time and space to discovering how racial injustice and social injustice impact our community, to connect with one another, and to identify ways to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression. 

For four weeks (21 week days), we shared daily challenge activities (reading an article, listening to a podcast, etc.) to foster personal reflection, encourage social responsibility, and motivate you to find and act on ways to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination. While the challenge has wrapped up, you can still check out the activities by clicking the button below.

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2023 Topics

Topics for the 2023 challenge include:

Week 1 - Disability

Explore the history of Eugenics, the Disability Rights Movement, the intersection of race, gender, and disability, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on those with differing abilities.

Week 2 - Housing

Learn how redlining continues to impact communities, who can access housing, and how racism, homophobia, and transphobia have become drivers of homelessness and its criminalization.

Week 3 - Music

Discover the legacy of musician activists, racism in the music industry, cultural appropriation, how music pushes against gender stereotypes, and access to music education.

Week 4 - Mental Health

Dive into how psychology has been used as a tool of marginalization, access to mental healthcare, and discrimination's impact on mental health outcomes.

Connect with Us

Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information and resources throughout the next month. Help us share the challenge on social media by using #YWRacialJusticeChallenge, #UntilJusticeJustIs, and #UJJI.

Racial Justice Playlist

Click the button below to listen to a Spotify playlist created by participants as part of this year’s Racial Justice Challenge. 

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Donate $21 Today

The Racial Justice Challenge lasts for 21 days. But YWCA Columbus works to combat racism every day. Invest $21 in YWCA Columbus that will go directly towards antiracism programs, training, and initiatives for our community.