Supporting our Staff: Phyl Flanagan, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

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Supporting our Staff: Phyl Flanagan, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

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A recent addition to our growing DE&I team, Phyl coordinates and facilitates our equity-focused workshops and conversations from the perspective of healing, self-love, holistic wellness, and belonging.

Phyl earned a Master of Social Work from Boston University and is also a certified practitioner and trainer of Restorative Practices. These practices include the internal work to heal from traumas, unlearn oppression, love ourselves and our community, and develop a mutually sustainable relationship with the planet. Phyl believes that these efforts are essential to the fight for equity: In order to liberate ourselves collectively, we must liberate ourselves individually, too. Not only must we understand and confront the causes and challenges of systemic racism, but we must also explore and embrace our capacity to rise above it.

Acknowledging that “this work can be emotionally and spiritually demanding,” Phyl continues, “There is much joy to be had in it. In fact, joy is essential in sustaining us. It’s our birthright.”

Phyl finds joy in working alongside inspiring colleagues, and in dancing, children, family, and nature. A few of Phyl’s proudest accomplishments include working toward gender inclusion within their multicultural sorority, co-authoring a racial justice resolution within their faith community, and co-creating a three-part documentary series on the history of race and racism in Cincinnati, where Phyl grew up.

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