Supporting our Staff: Spencer Stultz, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead Trainer

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Supporting our Staff: Spencer Stultz, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead Trainer

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Your gift supports YWCA Columbus staff member Spencer Stultz

By contributing to YWCA Columbus, you enable us to hire and retain the passionate people who move our mission forward. Spencer Stultz is one such change-maker, with a focus on social justice and holistic health. Her background in community development, civic engagement, and the creative arts informs how she approaches her work.

As the Lead Trainer for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) at YWCA Columbus, Spencer knows that learning presages progress: “Through the racial equity trainings that I help to craft and conduct, we educate folks in Central Ohio on social justice topics of racial equity, belonging, and creating equitable communities. We believe that this education is one of the first steps towards true empowerment.”

Spencer’s awareness of YWCA Columbus and its efforts began early. “Every year around the holidays, my family would spend a day in YWCA Columbus’s Family Center kitchen to serve our community’s most vulnerable population.” This simple act of volunteering, Spencer notes, did more than provide physical nourishment. It provided emotional uplift, as well. “I vividly remember seeing the smiles on people’s faces as we came to help out and spread a little holiday joy,” she says. “I got an in-depth look at the way YWCA Columbus is a change agent within our community.”

The combination of answering immediate needs, intentional advocacy, and enacting long-term systemic change motivated Spencer to join YWCA Columbus. “The fact that our agency sets out to work for communities who have been historically disenfranchised and overlooked is powerful, and really displays the heart and core values of YWCA Columbus.’

She believes that when we all support and enact those core values, it  will ultimately lead to wide-scale social transformation—the kind that eliminates racism and sexism entirely. Spencer says, “I hope to see a future where the work of YWCA Columbus, and the work of other nonprofits, is not necessary because we as a society have re-built an infrastructure that cares and works for all humans—that is the true definition of racial equity and justice for all.”