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Building a more inclusive Columbus relies on intention, information, and action. We must decide (and keep deciding) to fight racism. And we must learn how to do it.

To serve all those in our community who are impacted by racism, who recognize their participation in racist systems and institutions, and who are committed to eliminating racism, YWCA Columbus has created a series of training programs to teach us all how to grow into better advocates and activists for equity.

We designed our new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) training and consulting services to educate individuals, small groups, and organizations on how to recognize and combat racial injustice. These interactive trainings promote racial literacy, help you understand racism as a systemic problem, and teach you how to be anti-racist strategically, actively, and effectively.


Current Offering

Racial Equity 101

This 50-minute webinar introduces the basics of understanding racism: how it manifests through social and political institutions, in overt and hidden forms, now and throughout history. By completing this training, you’ll gain insight and tools to help you become an active participant in the fight for equity.


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And coming in early 2021…

Racial Equity Foundations and Applications

Facilitated by one of our DE&I experts, this interactive training session helps you learn about structural racism and make connections to inequities we see today, and offers the opportunity to dive deeper by customizing the focus of your session. Through discussion and exercises, our facilitator will encourage you to reflect on your own identity and biases, and develop a thoughtful strategy for practicing anti-racism. After your training, you’ll be prepared to respond to and root out racism on an individual and institutional level.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This training session explores the concept of “intersectionality”: when a person or group’s racial, socioeconomic, gender, and other identities and experiences intersect in ways that augment power or amplify oppression. Through exercises and discussion, YWCA Columbus’s DE&I facilitator will help you deepen your understanding of how discrimination affects all of us in complex and often hidden ways. You’ll also learn to incorporate intersectionality in your organization’s language, practices, and plans. This training guides you along the path of creating a workplace that works equitably for everyone in it.

DE&I Trainings are brought to you by our Leadership & Social Justice Department:

Jillian Olinger

Chief Mission Officer, YWCA Columbus

Jillian has spent more than a decade working with marginalized communities in central Ohio and across the country on a variety of social justice issues, including equitable community development and engagement, and housing policy intersections.

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Caroline Woliver

Director of Leadership and Social Justice, YWCA Columbus

Caroline has years of nonprofit leadership experience empowering women, advancing racial literacy, and building community coalitions. She develops intersectional, equity-centered programs and policies that create inclusion and transformative change.

Email Caroline

Lauren James

Program Manager of Leadership and Social Justice, YWCA Columbus

Lauren began her work in the YWCA Columbus Leadership and Social Justice department as an office assistant in early 2017. She now serves as Manager of the department, which provides leadership and advocacy training to women and girls across Columbus.

Email Lauren

Belen de Leon

Program Coordinator of Leadership and Social Justice, YWCA Columbus

Belen has experience in youth mentorship and working to empower marginalized communities. With an educational background focused on human rights and social and racial justice, she works to develop and implement YWCA Columbus’ Bright Futures Program.

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THE EXPANSION OF the SOCIAL JUSTICE PROGRAM Has been made possible due to generous support from DONORS.