Racial Equity 101 – Preview

Racial Equity Training 101 Preview

This 50-minute training video introduces the basics of understanding racism: how it manifests through social and political institutions, in overt and hidden forms, now and throughout history. By completing this training and associated companion guide, you’ll gain insight and tools to help you become an active participant in the fight for equity.

Who this training is for: Everyone who wants to learn how racism runs through the structures and institutions we all take part in, and how to act as an agent of positive change.

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What’s included:

  • Terminology: The words we use, and how they reflect the values we uphold
  • Key concepts:
    • Three forms of racism: Individual, institutional, and structural
    • Power dynamics: Identifying power and privilege, and their influence
    • Racial equity: Understand the differences among equality, equity, and justice, and how to avoid the pitfalls of “colorblindness”
    • Implicit bias: How stereotypes and standards reinforce oppressive messages and norms
  • History: How racism has informed centuries of American law and policy, specifically in housing and policing
  • Practice: Actions, tools, and strategies to minimize harm through repair and reduction, and to intentionally practice anti-racism
  • Companion guide: Reflection questions and exercises to help process the information and deepen learning
  • Resource guide: More information, recommendations, and concrete actions to continue your journey to social justice


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Choose between individual and group plans. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with links to the printable guides and access to the Racial Equity 101 video.

This was so powerful and professionally done. I loved the honest, open discussion with the local women leaders.
The training was empowering. Made me want to get involved.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Spencer Stultz

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead Trainer


email Spencer

Phyl Flanagan

Diversity, Equtiy & Inclusion Coordinator


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