Kids Place Details for Current Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions and Important Documents

When are tuition payments due?
See the tuition agreement for Gahanna here and for Westerville here.

How do I withdrawal my child from the program?
An email should be sent to Debbie Delzell at

How do I change my child’s schedule?
An email can be send to Debbie Delzell at

Who do I call when my child will be absent?
You will contact your individual school site. See here for Gahanna and here for Westerville.

When does fall/summer registration begin?
Fall registration begins the first Monday in May at 10 am. Summer registration begins the first Monday in March at 10 am.

What if my child needs to be bused to/from a different location for before/afterschool care?
All Westerville transportation should be arranged through the school district website or via the Alternate Site Transportation link here. Gahanna sites that are bused to Peace Lutheran and Mifflin Presbyterian Churches are arranged through the Gahanna Program Administrator at 614.224.9121 ext. 1211.

How do I change my payment type/credit card information?
Payment information can be changed by faxing a new EZ-EFT form found here.

How do I apply for PFCC?
All requests for use of Publicly Funded Childcare benefits should be directed to the respective district Program Administrator.
Gahanna: 614.224.9121 ext. 1211
Westerville: 614.224.9121 ext. 1271

If my child takes medication what do I do?
Medical forms can be printed here and provided to the site, beginning on the first day of school/summer program.

Are snacks provided?
Morning and afternoon snacks are provided for both the school-year and summer. During the summer or full day programming over school breaks, students should bring a non-refrigerated lunch.


Questions? We’re here to help!

Registration Wait list and Contract

Debbie Delzell
Kids Place Data Specialist
614.224.9121 ext. 1274

General Information and Waitlists

Rebecca Fitzpatrick
Children’s Programs Coordinator

Payment and Receipt

Candice Moore
Fiscal Specialist
614.224.9121 ext. 1207

Publicly Funded Childcare (title xx)

Mandi Buchwald (Gahanna)
614.224.9121 ext. 1211
Laura Miller (Westerville)
614.224.9121 ext. 1211