Kids Place Details for Summer Parents

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Kids Place

What is included in the tuition rate?
Tuition includes care from 7:00am-6:00pm, activities, breakfast, snack, all supplies, sunscreen, guest speakers and a t-shirt. There are no “extra care”, supply or registration fees. There are, however, additional pay-to-play activities throughout the summer that children and parents may choose as additional activities for a modest fee. THESE FEES ARE PAID DIRECTLY TO THE INSTRUCTOR OF THE ACTIVITY FOR SUPPLIES.

When is tuition due?
Tuition payments will be electronically deducted the Friday before your child’s next scheduled week of attendance. Tuition must be current on Monday for your child to participate in programming.

Does the YWCA offer part-time summer programming?
No, the YWCA only offers weekly full-time (5 days) summer programming. You may, however, select which weeks you will need care during the summer.

Do I have to enroll for the entire summer.
No, you may choose to attend one or more weeks. You will select the weeks you would like your child to attend during the registration process.

What if my plans change and I need to add or drop a week?
Weeks may be added at any time throughout the summer with a minimum of one-week notice, provided that space is available. The last day for changes, substitutions, cancellations or tuition refunds (minus your deposit) is May 15th. Registrations completed after May 15th do not have the option for any changes, substitutions, cancellations or tuition refunds. All withdraws made after May 15th will require full payment for all weeks scheduled regardless of attendance.

My child is signed up for summer school in Westerville. Can she also attend the YWCA Summer Program?
Yes, the school district provides transportation to and from the YWCA Summer Program to the summer school location. Please list the YWCA Summer Program as the alternate pick-up/drop-off location on the summer school transportation form.

Why doesn’t the YWCA summer program cover all of summer break?
Our summer program does not cover all of summer break because we need to be out of the school building so that the school district can clean and prepare the building for the start of school year.

Will my child be grouped with her/his age group?
Children are grouped by their birth date.

Do I have to pack a lunch for my child?
Yes. Please provide a nutritious lunch. Refrigeration and microwave are not available.

Do I need to provide sunscreen?
Sunscreen is provided by the YWCA and applied for all children before all outdoor activities.

What is a Pay-to-Play activity?
Pay-to-Play activities are activities that charge a small fee to participate. These fees are paid directly to the instructor or used to order the supplies needed to participate. Information regarding these activities and their fees will be posted at the parent table weekly. Children are not required to participate in Pay-to-Play activities. Those not participating in a Pay-to-Pay activity will participate in regularly scheduled programming.


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