Nominate a Woman

Nominate a woman for 2021 Women of Achievement

  • Women of Achievement honors those who embody our commitment to empower women: individuals who impact their professions, uplift their communities, fight bias, and inspire others. For more than three decades, YWCA Columbus has been shining a bright light on the courage and compassion of these women leaders.

    To be a Woman of Achievement, she may not:
    • Currently serve on either of YWCA Columbus' two boards
    • Be employed by YWCA Columbus, including contract work

    Deadline: Friday, October 30 at 12:00 pm

    Note: All nominations must be submitted online no later than October 30 by 12:00 pm ET. Nominations submitted by mail will not be considered.

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  • Nomination Questions

  • Please answer the following questions in a Microsoft Word document. Save the document with the nominee's first and last name and the date and submit the document via the document uploader below.

    Please note that some responses have limited characters allowed. For responses where a character count is not indicated, the total character count for those combined responses should not exceed 14,000 characters.

    Go to Tools, Word count. See 'characters with spaces' information.

    For more than 130 years, YWCA Columbus has been making progress in our efforts to ensure that every person in our community has the resources they need and the respect they deserve. In a steadfast dedication to dignity, YWCA Columbus:

    • Supports those in need with emergency shelter, quality affordable childcare, and long-term supportive housing
    • Addresses systemic sexism, racism, and poverty though community dialogs, advocacy for fair public policy, and coalition-building
    • Educates and highlights change-makers by guiding the next generation of young leaders and honors individuals actively fighting for positive progress

    Nomination Application Questions:

    1. How has the nominee demonstrated a dedication to dignity that is reflected in the attribute of the YWCA’s mission?

    2. Describe why the nominee is a woman of achievement. (maximum 850 characters)

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc.
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    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
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  • Please provide two letters of recommendation. (maximum 3,500 characters each)

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  • Please note: If you do not receive a confirmation that your nomination has been received immediately following this submission, please contact Jessica Wichtman-Will.


    Jessica Wichtman-Will, Director of Engagement