Why We Give: Siemer Family Foundation

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Why We Give: Siemer Family Foundation

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At YWCA Columbus, we are so grateful for our donors, especially those who have given much over the years. One such donor is the Siemer Family Foundation.

The Siemer Family Foundation is guided by Barbara Siemer, who, as a former high school English teacher and community volunteer, believes in supporting programs that benefit children, such as our Safe & Sound Childcare Program through the YWCA Family Center.

Additionally, Siemer Family Foundation focuses on:

  • Improving educational opportunities for school-age children
  • Providing young children access to opportunities that prepare them for school
  • Improving education and literacy throughout the community
  • Improving the economic or housing status and physical well-being and safety of underprivileged families with the intention of creating greater stability for all family members, especially children.

YWCA would like to extend our gratitude to the Simer Family Foundation for years of support of the women, children, and families YWCA Columbus serves. We truly appreciate you for supporting a mission that strives for peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.