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Issue no. 1, August 2021


Welcome to our first issue of YGive, our new bi-monthly report that will update you on YWCA Columbus’s latest progress, impact, and initiatives as we serve our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

We’ve heard from you, our supporters and allies, that you value our work and want to know how your contributions inform it. With each issue of YGive, we’ll focus on our impact areas and share details of the progress your generosity fuels:

  • Supporting those in need 
  • Igniting the community 
  • Educating and empowering

Thank you for generosity, courage, and conviction as we work to create a Columbus of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for us all.


Your gift helps us promote financial justice for all

The pandemic worsened already unacceptable gaps in income and wealth. We must remove barriers to pay equity and wealth accumulation, so that women and people of color earn not only a living wage, but an income that gives them financial security now and for future generations. Read more


Your gift furthers Black women’s pay equity

Doubtless you already know that women and men continue to earn different wages for the same work. And while women’s pay lags significantly behind men’s across all races, the gap widens for Black women. A Black woman must work 215 more days to achieve equal pay with a white man—a date we marked this year on August 3rd.

YWCA Columbus believes this pay disparity is unacceptable. Find out about why we support the Paycheck Fairness Act—and how you can, too—here.


Lalitha Pamidigantam, YWCA Columbus Policy Analyst

When you give to YWCA Columbus, you enable us to retain top-tier talent that helps move our advocacy agenda forward. One such team member is Lalitha Pamidigantam. As a policy analyst, she focuses on YWCA Columbus’s political engagement and advocacy efforts, working closely with legislators, grassroots activists, businesses, and community members to influence policy that benefits the Y’s clients and community. Read more