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Issue no. 4, March 2022

How we’re advocating for honesty in Ohio education

In this first quarter of 2022, YWCA Columbus has been hard at work, effecting positive change both through the day-to-day services we provide in this community and through our forward-looking policy work.

This issue of YGive focuses on youth development and education, and how inclusive the curriculum in public schools is for our children.

Your contributions fuel our mission and, as always, we thank you for helping us support those in need, ignite the community, and empower the next generation of change-makers.


Your Gift Helps Us Advocate for Honesty in Education

In our mission to eliminate racism, YWCA Columbus studies the root causes of inequity so that we can combat them. Just as racism underpins so many of our systems—financial, legal, criminal punishment system —it also influences our educational systems. Your gift supports YWCA Columbus in advocating for education that is inclusive and empowering for all children across the state. Learn more


Your Gift Supports Our Staff: Phyl Flanagan, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

When you give to YWCA Columbus, you enable us to retain top-tier talent that helps move our advocacy agenda forward, like Phyl Flanagan. A recent addition to our growing DE&I team, Phyl coordinates and facilitates our equity-focused workshops and conversations from the perspective of healing, self-love, holistic wellness, and belonging. Learn more


Why We Give: A Message from The Champion Companies

The Champion Cares Foundation has regularly supported the YWCA Columbus Family Center with significant gifts that allow us to provide emergency housing and services to families experiencing homelessness. Here’s their why.