Your gift helps us advocate for honesty in education

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Your gift helps us advocate for honesty in education

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In our mission to eliminate racism, YWCA Columbus studies the root causes of inequity so that we can combat them. Just as racism underpins so many of our systems—financial, legal, criminal legal system —it also influences our educational systems.

In recent months, the news has been full of stories about the controversy over racially focused curricula in public schools. In our view, any curriculum that fails to fully encompass the experiences of people of color, women, and people who have been marginalized is, in fact, a failure to fully educate children. And, this kind of curriculum successfully maintains the white supremacy narrative that shapes systemic racism in our present-day America.

As part of our advocacy agenda, YWCA Columbus has been speaking out about the impact of “colorblind” curricula. We believe that by excluding hard truths and uncomfortable history from what children study, they cannot develop a thorough and nuanced understanding of this country and their place in it. Colorblind education perpetuates ignorance on an individual level and racism on a systemic one.

At YWCA Columbus, we believe that without taking true American history into account, we cannot right unjust events and systems. Honesty in education means confronting what is complex and challenging about our country in the past and present, and enabling children to grow in their understanding of differences and diversity.

Honesty in education includes:

  • Complete, thorough examination and intentional discussion of historical and current events, behaviors, and societal trends
  • Open dialogue, debate, and thorough and thoughtful analysis of information, helping young people develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • The experiences and influence of people of all genders, race, incomes, cultures, and faiths, so that every child sees themselves reflected in what they learn

How your contribution helps: Your generosity helps YWCA Columbus fight against policies that reinforce racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression in public school curricula. With your gifts, we can advocate for education that is inclusive and empowering for all children across the state.

  • YWCA Columbus joined forces with Honesty for Ohio Education, a nonpartisan statewide coalition that champions unbiased education, affirmation of identities and cultures, and local control in education. YWCA Columbus now sits as a co-lead on the policy and advocacy working group.
  • Members of our Leadership and Social Justice team attended the African American Policy Forum’s Critical Race Theory Summer School, gaining insights and strategies that will help dismantle inequity, and expand multiracial democracy and justice.
  • We’ve continued to provide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training to increase racial literacy, advocacy, and activism among members of our community. We encourage you to sign up for these interactive trainings and conversations here.
  • As part of the Stand Against Racism Challenge, YWCA Columbus is hosting a conversation on Friday, April 8 about Critical Race Theory. Listen in here.