Contact the Kids Place Team

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Questions? Our Team is Here to Help.

Our YWCA Kids Place team is here to assist you! Please get in touch with a member of our staff from the descriptions below. 


YWCA Kids Place Site Directors

Please refer to the YWCA Columbus Kids Place webpage for contact information.  

  • I oversee the daily before and after school program, supervise the staff at the program site, and plan all the curriculum and special events.
  • I can talk to families about the activities at their child’s before and after school program.  
  • I can help families with behavior or discipline issues at the program.  


YWCA Kids Place Support Team Data Specialist

Debbie Delzell | | 614-627-1260 

  • I can help families enroll, withdraw or change their YKP program.  
  • I can tell families their waitlist status.  
  • I can help parents having difficulty logging into their parent portal.  
  • I can help families set up shared payments. 


YWCA Columbus Accounting Coordinator

Shantanna Aburokbeh | | 614-224-9121 Ext. 1207

  • I work in the Finance Department and help with many Kids Place accounts, I oversee Individual EZ Child Track accounts, apply charges, and issue credits.  
  • I can help parents and guardians who apply for scholarships. 
  • I can help parents and guardians who need credit applied to their accounts.
  • I can help parents and guardians who have questions about charges. 


Communications and Technology Specialist

TBA – contact your District Administrator  

  • I can answer questions about communications from the YWCA Kids Place Administration. 


YWCA Kids Place District Coordinators 

Mandi Buchwald—Westerville | | 614.627.1294 
Helen Tewolde – United Schools Network | | 614.537.6755

  • I assist the District Administrator in overseeing the YWCA Kids Place Site programs. 
  • I oversee the Summer Day Camp program and Full Day programs.  
  • I help families understand and navigate the Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) system. 


YWCA Kids Place District Administrators

Steve Hiller—Gahanna, United Schools Network | | 614-537-4021
Laura Miller—Westerville | | 614-224-9121 Ext.1271 

  • I oversee the YWCA Kids Place Site Directors at the before and after school program and/or campsites, coordinate district-wide communications with families, and work to increase the partnerships with the community and the school districts. 
  • I can help families understand and navigate the Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) system.  
  • I can help families work with their Site Directors to resolve issues around program quality.


YWCA Columbus Managing Director of Education

Nichelle Harris | | 614-627-1233  

  • I oversee all aspects of youth development and early education programs at the YWCA. I supervise the Program Administrators, the Data Specialist, and the Communications and Technology Specialist.  
  • I can help with questions about organizational or district partnerships with the YWCA Education Programs.  
  • I can help with questions about education funding, grants, or donations to YWCA Education.  
  • I can help with questions about expanded learning or summer learning outcomes and goals.