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Breaking Barriers. Empowering Women. Changing our World. It’s Time!

YWCA Columbus — and YWCAs nationwide — operate from a mission that calls us to reduce the barriers that women, particularly women of color face. These barriers are ones that become especially evident once a woman is pregnant.

A woman’s economic stability is paramount when she is also a caregiver and provider for a young family. By empowering the women who care for young children, we’re also empowering a healthy and equitable start to life – something every mother and child deserves.

That’s why, together with our partners at Groundwork Ohio and the Ohio Council of YWCAs, we are lifting up voices, empowering mothers and families, and calling for a change in our state. Join us.

» Here’s why we’re teaming up with groundwork Ohio.


Join our initiative. Share your perspective. Your voice matters.

Beginning September 12th, More for Moms, Better for Families registrants will receive information, insights, and data that takes a more profound, authentic, and accurate look at some of the many factors impacting motherhood and early childhood development including finances, education, health, and housing.  

When you sign up below, you can share firsthand how becoming a parent and managing a family has impacted you.



The Alignment of Our Mission and Groundwork Ohio’s Mission

The mission of Groundwork Ohio is to champion high-quality early learning and healthy development strategies from the prenatal period to age five, that lay a strong foundation for Ohio kids, families, and communities.

This mission is complementary to our Advocacy Agenda. YWCA Columbus boldly states that all children deserve access to high-quality afterschool and other youth development programs, and their families represented in the policymaking process. And, as part of our mission to empower women and eliminate racism, an important area of focus is to support pregnant women and mothers of young children.

As such, our two organizations are great strategic allies in this work. Join us.



Groundwork Ohio is elevating the voices of Ohio families.

Learn more about Groundwork Ohio