YWCA Columbus condemns violence leveled against the AAPI community

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YWCA Columbus condemns violence leveled against the AAPI community

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YWCA Columbus statement on recent violence leveled against the AAPI community:

YWCA Columbus extends its deepest condolences to the AAPI community amid the recent mass shootings and acts of violence targeting AAPI people, many of whom were meant to be celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and, more broadly, throughout our nation’s history, AAPI people have been threatened, oppressed and intimidated. And we will continue to see the fatal consequences of this racialized violence as long as our political leaders prioritize gun access over human life, employ harmful political rhetoric and government policy to embolden white supremacy, and fail to adequately respond to – and invest in – the needs of marginalized communities.

The AAPI community has a right to feel safe, and we stand by calls from activists and advocates for resources to identify and prevent future harm.

Per our partners at OPAWL, we call for more “equitable, high-quality public education that teaches all kids about the honest and complete history of communities of color, including their struggles against injustice and contributions to society.”

At YWCA Columbus, we will continue to strive for peace together, knowing there is no place for hate or violence in a just American society.