YWCA Columbus Statement on Death of Ta’Kiya Young

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YWCA Columbus Statement on Death of Ta’Kiya Young

Categories: News, Social Justice, Statement

YWCA Columbus extends our condolences to the family of Ta’Kiya Young, including her two young children who have been left without a mother, after Blendon Township police took her life on Aug. 24.

We grieve for this young Black mother, who was also expecting her third child in November, with the understanding that this tragedy is the result of a system doing exactly what it was designed to do – protect property and capital at the expense of people, especially the most marginalized.

Black women are disproportionately affected by state violence and brutality, surveillance, mass criminalization, and incarceration due to the insidious intersection of anti-Black racism and misogyny. We remain dedicated to safety and dignity for all and will continue challenging all systems rooted in racism and oppression.

We join others in our community calling for justice for Ta’Kiya and her family, as well as transparency and accountability for the officers involved.