YWCA Columbus statement on Senate Bill 83

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YWCA Columbus statement on Senate Bill 83

Categories: News, Social Justice, Statement

This week, we are tuned into Senate Bill 83. Introduced by Senator Jerry C. Cirino last week, SB83 is a comprehensive attack on higher education – from prohibiting mandatory DEI trainings to prohibiting collective bargaining. YWCA Columbus is opposed to this bill on the grounds that it directly threatens our vision for a just and equitable future.

At YWCA Columbus, we are tasked with a mission: to eliminate racism and empower women. To this end, we believe in the power of education to eradicate systems of oppression. We educate people through our Justice, Equity, and Belonging trainings, and our attendees make changes in their organizations and/or interpersonal relationships using the information and skills we share. Universities are a long standing partner in this work, acting as bastions of free thought and ideological diversity, as well as safe havens for marginalized students, faculty, and employees. SB83, if passed, might cause irreversible damage to the wellbeing of marginalized students as well as stain the reputation of Ohio universities.

We stand united with our partners, such as Honesty for Ohio Education and OPAWL, against this bill and will work in coalition to prevent its passage. Until justice just is.