YWCA Columbus statement on Columbus City Council’s 2023 budget

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YWCA Columbus statement on Columbus City Council’s 2023 budget

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YWCA Columbus reacts to Columbus City Council’s 2023 budget:

YWCA Columbus is pleased to see that Columbus City Council has announced a budget amendment for a nonpolice crisis response model pilot, a program that has the potential to serve people in mental or physical health crises without the use of police.

We have pursued this program for the last three years – in partnership with the Columbus Safety Collective – knowing that a nonpolice crisis response will support the community in numerous ways, from preventing police brutality, to providing appropriate care to those in crisis. We are confident that such a service will support the larger system by reducing an overreliance on policing and provide appropriate, health-based support to those who need it.

We extend our gratitude to our partners at the Columbus Safety Collective and other community partners who have tirelessly advocated for this program. We know there is plenty of work ahead, and YWCA Columbus will continue advocating – until justice, just is.