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YWCAllies on a Mission Submission
Guidelines and Requirements

All submissions must be original, exclusive to YWCA Columbus. Once approved, written works will be distributed via YWCA Columbus. Distribution channels include YWCA Columbus’ website, e-mail newsletters, and social media.

Published pieces typically run from 400 to 1,200 words, but drafts of any length within the bounds of reason will be considered. Pieces can include an Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed), Letter to the Editor, essay, and article, but we will also consider additional creative submissions such as video content and other works. YWCA Columbus reserves the right to decline submissions and/or provide feedback and light editing if necessary.

If you wish to write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor for YWCA Columbus’ Marketing and Communications team to pitch to local media, Op-Eds should be around 700 words, and a Letter to the Editor requires 200 words. Please note, YWCA Columbus reserves the right to decide whether or not the submitted piece will be pitched to media. The writer will be contacted in advance of any media relations efforts.

What, exactly, is an Op-Ed?

As Trish Hall, the former Op-Ed and Sunday Review editor for the New York Times has written, “Anything can be an Op-Ed.” Personal or explanatory essays, commentary on news events, reflections on cultural trends and more are all welcome. We’re interested in anything well-written with a fact-based viewpoint that aligns with YWCA Columbus’ mission of empowering women, eliminating racism, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Please review our advocacy agenda linked here for topic ideas.

What is a Letter to the Editor?

A Letter to the Editor is a message you write to a newspaper or other publication to share your view on a current issue you feel is important in your community, state, or country. You may write in response to another news item, an Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed), or previous, recently published letter to the editor in that paper.



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