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At a time when many Americans are working from home to avoid the risk of COVID-19 contamination, our Women’s Residency and Family Center employees, and other essential staff are continuing to show up each day in-person to provide critical services for our most vulnerable community members. In our view, YOU are heroes. THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

I would like to take the time to say thank you! Thank you to all that have stepped up and continue to shine.  During these difficult times, we need to lean on each other and extend grace. My YWCA family is strong. We take pride in the work we achieve. You will never find a more dedicated group! When called on, we show up! We are your YWCA.
Sonya Todd, Director of the Family Center

Family Center:

Lenice Briggs
Betty Brown
Jerome Burger
Stevi Chiles
Jerry Cobbs
Wayne Cody
Montavious Cowart
Wayne Deal
Otto Edwards
Edward Ford

Debra Garrett
Vanessa Green
Da’JaneeFawn Hill
Vuanita Hill
Dan Hook
Stacey Hough
Nickole Jackson
Rolana Kinzer
Elizabeth Kittner
Adrienne Lee-Garland
Christine Loveless
Yvonne McBroom

Naomi Merino
Armani Mills
Fredrick Mills
Maurice Mills
Charles Moss
Beverly Norris
Fredrick Phells
Jeanne Purcell
Tyrone Saunders
Deb Schipper
Marquita Solomon-Steele

Walter Stevens
David Sullivan
Deborah TurnerAngela Walls
Clyde Watson
Andrea Wetherell
Roselan Williams
Kia Woodward
Milita Wyche
Kenneth Yahnke
Pamela Yates
Jason Young

Women’s Residency Engagement

Barb Freeman
Whitney Garrett
Michelle Hameed
Monica Harris
Roy McClelland Jr.
Kristyn Manchester
Torya Ross

Women’s Residency Clinical Programs

Madeline Frechette
Allyson Pitts
Kiva Spear
Symone Taylor

Griswold/Front Desk & Security Staff:

Linda Cox
Phillip Grissett
Tierra Lee
Regina McCoy
Darius Stevens
Ev Talley
Bryan Williams

Safe & Sound:

Jackie Cherry
Breona Cunningham
Rebecca Fitzpatrick
Donald Fullum
Ryan Kennedy
Stacy Mclain

Connie Matheson
Dionne Shaye Murray
Paula Neal
Janice Tunstall
Jasmine Whitney

Kids Place:

Mariah Davis
Kristy Hylton
Naomi Jones
Loren Martin
Maddie Marusesk
Colleen Murray
Jamez Murray
Kristy Price
Jamie Randall

Executive Leadership:

Christie Angel
Jillian Olinger
Judy Peterson

This Month’s Birthday Spotlight: Donald Fullum


01  Michelle Chieffo
01  Desiree Hutson
03  Betty Rickabaugh
05  Armani Mills
08  Cheryl Glenn
08  Bianca Daniels
10  Stephanie Bland
11  Jennifer Odiri
17  Khadija Omar
23  Rene Call
27  Donald Fullum


Paula Eskridge

Kanesha Turner
Josh Westling

Jason Young

Nancy Conkel

Beverly Gyure

This month’s anniversary spotlight: NANCY CONKEL


Custodial Technician, Family Center

Montavious Cowart

Safety & Security Assistant, Family Center

Frederick Mills

Program Assistants

Alicia Dickinson
Dajanee Harris


  • Caring for the well-being of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors has always been our strength at YWCA Columbus. Today, that work has taken on new dimension, urgency, and importance. You can read the measures we are taking to keep our community safe here.
  • Coronavirus has been circulating in humans for about 4 months now. As awareness was building in the first 2–3 months, there was a lot of confusion and misinformation circulating. This NYC Lung Doctor Tells His Family How to Protect Themselves from COVID-19, and you can learn from him too.
  • On March 18, 2020, Congress passed The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) which provides our employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. Read the full note regarding specific information you need to consider from Deborah Locklear-Oglesby linked here.



Thank you to all of our staff members that filled out the 2020 Census before or on National Census Day on April 1st 2020. The data collected through the 2020 census impacts so many factors that contribute to our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women such as job creation, housing, childcare and education funding, representation in government and more. If you have not yet filled out the 2020 Census please do so by visiting 2020Census.gov.

It is time for us to make sure everyone in our community is counted and gets the resources they deserve, including you! For more information on the census click here.


Unfortunately, due to the COVID -19 pandemic the Stand Against Racism event #YWomenCount – Creative Writing and Poetry Workshop is postponed until further notice. This event was intended to bring staff and residents together on April 24th to celebrate our completion of the census and learn more about civic engagement. We will communicate more details about rescheduling this date in the future.


Kudos to Tracy and Lisa for doing a great job processing candidates for security and maintenance at the Family Center. You are both appreciated!!

What a Great Team!

To our Service Coordinators within our Women’s Residency Program, Kiva Spear, Madeline Frechette, and Symone Taylor, THANK YOU for rolling with all the Covid-19 punches and being brave warriors! We appreciate your dedication so much.

Go Liz!

The Kids Place program at Mifflin offered activity bags (boredom busters!) to parents during this time of crisis. Many parents were ecstatic to receive this support. The Kids Place team also got together last week to put together activity packs for the Family Center children so they have fun activities during this time. Thank you Liz Kittner for coordinating, and awesome Job Kids Place staff!!


You’re Awesome Naomi!

A big THANK YOU to Naomi Merino, who has officially been with our team for 6 months! Naomi stepped right into her role as Volunteer & Donations Manager and seamlessly navigated through: hiring a staff member, the extreme rush of the holiday season, the launch of VolunteerHub (new software that creates a better user experience for our volunteers while ensuring that important data is captured), and keeping up with the change of needs during this difficult time. Keep up the great work!