Action Steps to Fight Against Systemic Racism

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Action Steps to Fight Against Systemic Racism

As an agency dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity, we stand committed to dismantling systemic racism in Columbus, in our state, and across the nation. We understand that all forms of systemic and interpersonal oppression are intertwined and encourage our community to take an intersectional approach that includes advocacy for LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, migrants, those experiencing the violence of poverty and houselessness, and many other intersections of oppression.

Advancing equity and justice includes knowing when and how to disrupt harm and make changes within our sphere of influence. Taking action is important and much of that essential action should be geared toward continuing our own learning and healing with humility and in community.



Take a stand against racism

When you see something, say something. Come out publicly as anti-racist, commit to action – share the actions you are taking publicly, and invite others to join you. Call out your friends. Have difficult conversations with your family and neighbors.

Be willing to put something on the line

You have a role to play, just don’t be part of the unintentional problem – be intentional about change and the actions you take.

Educate yourself and others

It is our responsibility to intentionally seek out resources to learn the ugly truth of how we got to where we are today – and keep learning about anti-racism advocacy.

Support BIPOC-owned businesses in Central Ohio

Intentionally buy from, support, and uplift BIPOC-owned businesses both small and large, local and national, in your workplace and at home.

Advocate to your employers to take a stand against racism

and implement policies internally to combat bias. Rachel Cargle has a great template you can customize for your employer. If you are in a position of power or leadership, check out GARE & their resources about implementing a racial equity framework.

Work to end police violence

by reading YWCA Columbus Police Primer document and plugging into the Columbus Safety Coalition.

Build solidarity

by supporting organizations doing racial justice work in your community. Some organizations to consider are: YWCA Columbus, CUL, NAACP, People's Justice Project, OPAWL, Ohio Women's Alliance, and Honesty for Ohio Education.


Register to vote, encourage your network to register, and vote in every election. Protests raise public awareness and highlight injustice, but change can only happen when we have elected officials throughout all levels of government that support us.

– Additional Resources to Learn More –

local groups:

People’s Justice Project


1619 Pod Save the PeopleCode SwitchIntersectionality Matters!


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Template by Rachel Cargle:

Holding your employer accountable



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