Beyond Inclusion: Building a Community of Belonging

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Beyond Inclusion: Building a Community of Belonging Overview

This training session explores the concept of “intersectionality”: when a person or group’s racial, socioeconomic, gender, and other identities and experiences intersect in ways that augment power or amplify oppression. Through exercises and discussion, YWCA Columbus’s DE&I facilitator will help you deepen your understanding of how discrimination affects all of us in complex and often hidden ways. You’ll also learn to incorporate intersectionality in your organization’s language, practices, and plans. This training guides you along the path of creating a workplace that works equitably for everyone in it.

Who this training is for: Human Resources professionals, DE&I professionals, leadership teams, employee resource groups, board members, agency service providers, and educators who want to create an inclusive environment for people of every identity.


What’s included:

  • Terminology: Identifying and talking about systemic oppression constructively, adopting inclusive language with your organization and with your constituents, and understanding why inclusive language matters
  • Key concepts:
    • Intersectionality: How race, socioeconomic status, gender, and other identities overlap,
      and how those overlaps reinforce oppression
    • Spectrum of identities: Recognizing that individuals carry multiple categorizations of
      identity and how to support them
    • Power dynamics: Identifying power and privilege, and their influences
  • Practice: Actions, tools, and strategies to minimize harm through repair and reduction, and to intentionally practice anti-racism
  • Resource guide: More information, recommendations, and concrete actions to continue your journey to social justice



This is a workshop, facilitated conversation. Please fill out our interest form so we can learn more about your needs. A member of our Social Justice team will be in touch.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Spencer Stultz

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead Trainer


Email Spencer

Phyl Flanagan

Diversity, Equtiy & Inclusion Coordinator


email Phyl