Racial Equity – Foundations & Applications

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Racial Equity Foundations & Applications Overview

Facilitated by our Justice, Equity & Belonging experts, this interactive training session helps you learn about structural racism and make connections to inequities we see today, and offers the opportunity to dive deeper by customizing the focus of your session. Through discussion and exercises, our facilitator will encourage you to reflect on root causes of racial disparities, and develop a thoughtful strategy for practicing anti- racism. After your workshop, you’ll be prepared to respond to and root out racism on an individual and institutional level.

Who this training is for: Individuals, small groups, and organizations who want a better understanding of how racism operates and how to incorporate anti-racist work into their daily lives.


What’s included:

  • Terminology: The words we use, and how they reflect the values we uphold
  • Key concepts:
    • Three forms of racism: Individual, institutional, and structural
    • Racial equity: Understand the differences among equality, equity, and justice, and how
      to avoid the pitfalls of “colorblindness”
    • Social construction of race: How racial categories were invented and wielded as a tool of oppression within the United States
    • Anti-racism: Improve your practice of actively identifying and opposing racist policies,
      ideas, and actions
  • History: How racism has informed centuries of American law and policy. This training includes the option to focus on specific issues and institutions, such as housing, policing, education, and healthcare
  • Practice: Actions, tools, and strategies to minimize harm through repair and reduction, and to intentionally practice anti-racism
  • Resource guide: Additional information, recommendations, and concrete actions to continue your journey toward social justice



This is a workshop, facilitated conversation. Please fill out our interest form so we can learn more about your needs. A member of our Social Justice team will be in touch.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Phyl Flanagan

Justice, Equity & Belonging Program Manager


email Phyl

Danielle Boyd

Justice, Equity & Belonging Program Manager


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