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A Celebration of Black History within YWCA

Scroll through history and celebrate with us the people, the events, the moments that shaped Black history within YWCA Columbus and YWCA as a whole.

The origins of Black History Month trace back to 1926 from Black historian Carter G. Woodson. Originally starting off as “Negro History Week” in 1926, it wasn’t declared a full month celebration until the 1970s. For the next few weeks, we will share a Celebration of Black History events, people, and moments within YWCA Columbus and YWCA as a whole.

And yet, every day of the year is a day to celebrate Black History. We recognize that Black History is American History and should be taught as such. Our work is far from finished. Every day of every month, we are committed to eliminating racism, standing up for social justice, and defying the status quo that puts all marginalized people on unequal footing.


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