Supporting our Staff: Lalitha Pamidigantam, YWCA Columbus Policy Analyst

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Supporting our Staff: Lalitha Pamidigantam, YWCA Columbus Policy Analyst

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Supporting our Staff: Lalitha Pamidigantam
When you give to YWCA Columbus, you enable us to retain top-tier talent that helps move our advocacy agenda forward. One such team member is Lalitha Pamidigantam. As a policy analyst, she focuses on YWCA Columbus’s political engagement and advocacy efforts, working closely with legislators, grassroots activists, businesses, and community members to influence policy that benefits the Y’s clients and community. She cites the Y’s legacy of service across the community as a key factor in the organization’s ability to bring people together to advance equity: As a direct service provider and as a beacon for social justice, YWCA Columbus is “located ideally in the political process to advocate for progressive policy changes.”

Lalitha also points out another way in which the Y is located ideally: Her office is physically located in the Griswold building, a few floors down from the Women’s Residency. “We interact with our clients all  the time,” she says. “When I am informed by people I have relationships with, that makes a huge difference. It keeps me constantly aware that what we do is real policy that impacts real people.

When asked about how support for YWCA Columbus enables the organization to expand its influence and impact, Lalitha comments, “I’d love a whole team of analysts ready to fight for what’s right. When people hear about us showing up at the table, I want them to know we will stick to our politics and our values, which will always be in favor of the power of the people, from now until forever.”

The power of the people, Lalitha remarks, means making sure “every person is valued, with their dignity and autonomy protected.” It all comes back to YWCA Columbus’s mission: “We want to make Columbus a safe, happy, and wonderful place to live. For everyone.