Empowering Women Advocacy

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Ensuring Living Wage For All

Supporting and empowering women through ensuring a living wage is vital to improve the lives of mothers and children. Historically, women face discriminatory wages in all sectors, with women of color further marginalized by job and wage discrimination.

Consider the following:

  • The living wage in Franklin County for one adult with 0 children is $14.39. However, currently, the minimum wage of $9.30 in Ohio does not meet the needs of residents of Central Ohio.
  • In Ohio, a full time worker (earning minimum wage) with a family of three falls $3,000 short of the poverty level.
  • Women- headed households are more susceptible to low wages, workplace discrimination, lack of access to opportunities, and more. A living wage is one way to equalize the playing field, and provide a foundation for economic and social stability.

Other issues that we monitor: Reproductive Justice


2022-2023 Advocacy Agenda

Social Justice/Eliminating Racism

• Honesty in Ohio’s K-12 curriculum
• Equitable public safety
• LGBTQ+ rights + safety
• Reproductive healthcare for all


Empowering Women

• Ensuring Living Wage for all


Housing Justice

• Reform local eviction policies and practices
• Emergency rental assistance
• Tax incentives for affordable housing development


Youth Development

• Children are Kindergarten-ready
• Access to high-quality afterschool programs
• Family representation in policies