Justice, Equity & Belonging Training

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YWCA Columbus Justice, Equity & Belonging Training

YWCA Columbus is on a mission to advance racial equity. Our interactive Justice, Equity & Belonging training services (formerly known as DE&I Training) promote racial literacy, help you understand racism as a systemic problem, and teach you how to be anti-racist strategically, actively, and effectively.

Building a more inclusive Columbus relies on intention, information, and action. We must decide (and keep deciding) to fight racism. And we must learn how to do it. See below our current offerings for individuals, small groups, and organizations. 

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Current Justice, Equity & Belonging Training Offerings

Racial Equity 101

This one-hour training video introduces the basics of understanding racism: how it manifests through social and political institutions, in overt and hidden forms, now and throughout history.

Who this training is for: Everyone who wants to learn how racism is engrained in the structures and institutions we all take part in, and how to act as an agent of positive change.


Racial Equity Foundations and Applications

Facilitated by our Justice, Equity & Belonging experts, this interactive training session helps you learn about structural racism and make connections to inequities we see today and offers the opportunity to dive deeper by customizing the focus of your session.

Who this training is for:  Individuals, small groups, and organizations who want a better understanding of how racism operates and how to incorporate anti-racist work into their daily lives.

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Beyond Inclusion: Building a Community of Belonging

This training session explores the concept of “intersectionality”: when a person or group’s racial, socioeconomic, gender, and other identities and experiences intersect in ways that augment power or amplify oppression.

Who this training is for:  Human Resources professionals, DE&I professionals, leadership teams, employee resource groups, board
members, agency service providers, and educators who want to create a community of belonging for people of all identities.

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Restorative Practices 101

This training session explores the fundamentals of restorative practices: a process of centering community, fostering an environment of mutual respect, and responding to instances of harm. You’ll also learn to incorporate restorative approaches into your organization’s internal and external operations and interactions.

Who this training is for: Human Resources professionals, DE&I professionals, leadership teams, employee resource groups, board members, agency service providers, and educators who want to learn restorative ways to build community, and prevent and repair harm.

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Why are these trainings no longer titled Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I Training)?

In 2022, YWCA Columbus updated our DE&I Training program title to Justice, Equity, and Belonging Training because this language more closely aligns with our content and objectives. Our ultimate goal is justice and belonging and we recognized that we need to center racial literacy, cultural humility, and equity in order to get there.


Meet the Training Team: Our Leadership & Social Justice Department

Caroline Woliver

Director of Leadership and Social Justice, YWCA Columbus

Caroline has years of nonprofit leadership experience empowering women, advancing racial literacy, and building community coalitions. She develops intersectional, equity-centered programs and policies that create inclusion and transformative change.

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Phyl Flanagan

Justice, Equity & Belonging Program Manager, YWCA Columbus

Phyl is invested in helping their community cultivate radical self-love, holistic wellness and belonging. They bring many years of experience facilitating equity-focused workshops and creating space for meaningful community conversations.

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Danielle Boyd

Justice, Equity & Belonging Program Manager, YWCA Columbus

Danielle has experience in macro-level social work, education, and community advocacy. She looks forward to honoring the work happening in the community and collaborating for more positive social change.

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Believing that we are both experts and learners simultaneously, YWCA Columbus’ Justice, Equity & Belonging Trainers regularly engage in professional development and have benefitted from learning from organizations like The International Institute for Restorative Practices, The Ohio REST Collective, and others whose work centers around restorative practices and fostering belonging.

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THE EXPANSION OF the SOCIAL JUSTICE PROGRAM Has been made possible due to generous support from DONORS.