Leadership for Social Change Upcoming Cohort Connections

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Wealth Building and Financial Wellness Workshop

  • Thursday, July 28
    5:00pm - 6:30pm

    Many of us know that women, especially women of color, on average earn less than men, but the gap widens exponentially when we assess wealth disparities. According to the WFCO Wealth Gap Report, the Gender & Racial Wealth Gap refers to how structural racism and sexism compound and contribute to the wealth gap, which in turn further exacerbates political, economic, and social disadvantages on the basis of gender and race. Building wealth not only helps to ensure women's economic security and that of future generations, but also can help to shape and sustain social change movements when women engage in philanthropy. Join Financial Education Managers from Chase Bank as they share the basics of how to move beyond basic budgeting and focus on more holistic financial health, long-term planning, and wealth building.


Alumni Book Club

  • Book Club on A Burst of Light and Other Essays by Audre Lorde

    Thursday, August 25
    5:00pm - 6:30pm

    This award-winning, path-breaking collection of essays is a clarion call to build communities that nurture our spirit. Lorde announces the need for a radical politics of intersectionality while struggling to maintain her own faith as she wages a battle against liver cancer. From reflections on her struggle with the disease to thoughts on lesbian sexuality and African-American identity in a straight white man's world, Lorde's voice remains enduringly relevant in today's political landscape.